Discover Compatta Cargo

Making space more compact.

Compatta Cargo is the semi-automatic mobile racking system for the high-density storage of heavy and bulky loads. 

Case Studies

  • Nusco Porte SpA

    Nusco Porte SpA

    More space for the windows and doors storage.

    Nusco Porte Spa relies on the reliability of COMPATTA Cargo system for the efficient and secure doors and windows storage.

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  • IDF Srl

    IDF Srl

    Cold chain efficient and safe.

    IDF Srl has obtained a decreasing in operating costs per pallet position in its refrigerated warehouse of 5,000 mq thanks to COMPACT Cargo.

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  • Sulzer Friction System

    Sulzer Friction System

    More space and efficiency for parts storage.

    Sulzer, one of the leading companies in the Automotive industry, relies on COMPATTA CARGO system for the storage of spare parts and components.

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  • Geldi Group

    Geldi Group

    Doubled storage capacity in the cold room.

    Geldi Group chose COMPATTA Cargo to obtain the double of storage refrigerated capacity in the same physical space.

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  • Verolux


    More space and safety for steel and aluminum profiles storage.

    Verolux relies on mobile bases COMPATTA Cargo for more space and safety in its production plant.

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  • Master Srl

    Master Srl

    Enhanced operational perfomance and rationalized spaces.

    Master Srl achieved a significant improvement of storage conditions thanks to COMPATTA Cargo.

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  • Castagna Unilevel SpA

    Castagna Unilevel SpA

    Safer storage of gravure print cylinders.

    Reduction of printing cylinders' damages, improved quality of work but especially a lot of saved space for Castagna Unilevel Spa thanks to COMPATTA Cargo.

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  • Pratic F.lli Orioli Spa

    Pratic F.lli Orioli Spa

    More efficiency for the aluminum profiles storage.

    COMPATTA Cargo storage system equipped with cantilever racking has allowed to Pratic F.lli Orioli Spa to optimize the long items storage.

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  • Prima Electro SpA

    Prima Electro SpA

    Storage of slow-moving goods in the electronics industry.

    Prima Electro SpA chooses COMPATTA Cargo to store slow moving goods and save warehouse space.

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  • Royal Fish Srl

    Royal Fish Srl

    Increased cold room storage capacity.

    Royal Fish Srl, specialized in the wholesale of frozen seafood products, chooses COMPATTA Cargo to increase its cold room storage capacity.

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Our numbers

  • Dimensions

    Maximum height of racking

    Minimum/Maximum width of mobile bases

    Minimum/Maximum length of mobile bases

  • Load-bearing capacity 

    Minimum load-bearing capacity

    Maximum load-bearing capacity

  • Speed

    Speed of movement