The System

COMPATTA Cargo. New space in your warehouse. 

COMPATTA Cargo is our mobile storage system for the storage of heavy and bulky items. 

Adaptable to any type of racking, including pre-existing shelving, it gives you the chance to double storage capacity in the same physical space, or to put over 40% of the warehouse surface area to other use.  Compatta Cargo is the easiest way to get new space.

The operation
The system

The operation

Make space for new space.

At the heart of COMPATTA Cargo are mobile bases mounted with racking which use a motorized system to run along rails integrated into the floor. It opens and closes up, as required, to provide access just to the aisle in which the material required is stored. This movement can be achieved by the warehouse operator manually pressing a button or using a remote-control device.
Compared to traditional static racking COMPATTA Cargo can save up to 40% of floor space or alternatively offer up to 80% increased storage capacity in the same footprint.  
The return on your investment is fast. You will soon have additional space which can be allocated for other use or you can increase your stock holding without the need for any investment in major structural changes.

+ 80% Increase in storage capacity

+ 40% Warehouse floor space saved

  • Panoramica 1 - Static racking system
  • Panoramica 2 - Storage capacity doubled in the same available space
  • Panoramica 3 - Footprint halved with the same level of storage

The benefits
The operation

The Benefits

Cut aisles, not opportunities. 


1. Functional

It allows you to reduce the surface area occupied, or increase storage capacity. 


2. Adaptable

It adapts to every type of racking, even reutilizing existing racking and can be adapted to suit any environment. 


3. Versatile

Ideal for the storage of pallets and items of different sizes and weights in normal, cold room or explosive material storage.


4. Expandable

The modular design makes it simple to add extra mobile bases as required. 


5. Sustainable

It reduces energy costs, especially in cold room environments.


6. Affordable

Excellent capacity-to-cost ratio and low maintenance costs.  


7. Resistant

Increased structural stability using C45 steel for the heavier loads. 


8. Earthquake-proof

The structure provides an insulating effect to the movement of the ground. 


9. Simple

ICON, our web-based software simplifies the management and handling of the warehouse.   

The applications
The benefits

The Applications

The same principle, multiple applications. 

Reduce the aisle space to increase storage capacity and reclaim warehouse space. This is the principle at the heart of the technology used in the COMPATTA Cargo mobile bases and it can be applied across the board, in every sector and business environment.  


Ambient room temperature environments

Whether you’re talking about long bodies, such as beams, bars, profiles, extrusions, panels or heavy and bulky goods like moulds, coils or bins, COMPATTA Cargo is the ideal solution for the intensive and safe storage of various types of materials with differing weights and dimensions.   


Cold room environments (up to -40°) 

COMPATTA CARGO is the perfect choice for cold room storage where it’s important to reduce the volume of the cold room or increase its storage capacity. Both of these alternatives lead to reductions in energy consumption and impact on the environment.   


Explosive material environments

The flameproof version of COMPATTA can be used to reduce the risk of fires and explosions through the use of electrical materials which conform to the regulatory standards (electrical panels, wiring, sensors, sirens, push button control panels and motors). In this way inflammable and explosive materials such as inks, paints and solvents can be stored more safely.