Let your business move along our COMPATTA Cargo rails. 

In an increasingly competitive and global market the cost of owning and maintaining premises has risen and space has become an even greater asset.
Our goal is to help you exploit what you have; it’s what we do best. 
COMPATTA Cargo will help you organize your warehouse more efficiently so you’ll have more space for future projects. Alternatively you will be able to handle significantly more goods than at the present, without needing to buy new warehouse space, therefore responding in a more proactive way to market requirements. 
Our cutting-edge solutions enable you to very quickly make significant savings in terms of space, time and costs.

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Maximize space, minimize costs.

Thanks to our modular, versatile Compatta Cargo mobile bases, irrespective of the sector in which you operate, the size of your warehouse or the goods that you store, you will receive a made-to-measure solution based on the high grade technology we have developed over a long period of experience in design and production. The main advantages of COMPATTA Cargo are:

  • Capacità

    1. Capacity almost doubled 

    Compared with traditional static racking, COMPATTA Cargo allows you to increase storage capacity by 80% or alternatively you can recuperate 40% of the warehouse floor space to put to other uses. 

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    2. High selectivity 

    Access to any part of the racking with ease gives you the possibility to handle the stock according to any storage policy (FIFO, LIFO, etc.) using multiple warehouse operators simultaneously.

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    3. Expandable over time 

    The modular nature of COMPATTA Cargo means that existing facilities can be easily expanded with just the addition of the necessary foundations.

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    4. Energy saving

    COMPATTA Cargo reduces the energy costs for each stored unit, especially in cold room environments.

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    5. Cost effectiveness 

    COMPATTA Cargo offers a great capacity to cost ratio and moderate maintenance costs.

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    6. Computerized management 

    The optional management software, interface with remote control systems barcode readers or company I.T. systems will give you the chance to improve stock management and reduce errors. 

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Technical data

Stability, practicality and durability over more than 25 years. 

Our COMPATTA Cargo mobile bases offer a wide range of possible configurations. Thanks to their modular, adaptable nature they can not only respond to your requirements today, but also any future requirements you may have. 

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