Let your business move along our COMPATTA Cargo rails. 

In an increasingly competitive and global market the cost of owning and maintaining premises has risen and space has become an even greater asset.
Our goal is to help you exploit what you have; it’s what we do best. 
COMPATTA Cargo will help you organize your warehouse more efficiently so you’ll have more space for future projects. Alternatively you will be able to handle significantly more goods than at the present, without needing to buy new warehouse space, therefore responding in a more proactive way to market requirements. 
Our cutting-edge solutions enable you to very quickly make significant savings in terms of space, time and costs.

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Alone we can achieve a lot, but together we can achieve even more.

The COMPATTA Cargo story began in the ‘90s and since then we have come to appreciate how working with partners can provide the key to meeting our ambitious objectives. We are convinced that the union of different forces and the meeting of contrasting experience and expertise provide the perfect fertile ground for the growth and creation of new opportunities. Whether you manufacture or resell industrial racking or forklifts, whether you provide turnkey logistics solutions or operate in other sectors related to intralogistics, we invite you to join our team. We offer you the chance to expand your product portfolio, revitalize the image of your business and you will receive our constant support in both sales and marketing.

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