The mobile system structure

Three elements, multiple opportunities.

Rails, mobile bases and racking: the three main elements which make up our COMPATTA Cargo mobile system. Mechanical technology and cutting-edge control ensure it functions correctly and safely.  
The electrical system is responsible for the handling and control of the mobile bases. Made up of a main electrical switchboard, located outside the area controlled by the system’s safety light curtain, which is in turn connected to the peripheral switchboards, positioned on the front of each mobile base, where the system handling buttons are located, which enable the mobile system to be activated, even with the use of sequential logic.  

The system

The rails

Sideways movement is along rails, set into the floor, which can be either guide rails or runner rails. 
Each system has at least two guide rails and one or more runner rails, but their number depends on the size of the system and the load the mobile bases have to carry. 
During construction of the warehouse the rails are fixed directly into the concrete screed; in pre-existing premises, however, the floor will have to be cut to insert the rails. Alternatively the rails can be fixed above floor level and the surrounding floor will have to be in-filled around them to ensure that in either case the rails are perfectly level with the final floor level.  


1. The guide rails ensure that the entire base stays perfectly aligned during movement. 


2. The running rails help the mobile base wheels to move easily.  

The mobile bases

The mobile bases, which allow handling of the racking, are designed according to the size and weight of the unit load. 
Movement of the mobile bases is managed and controlled by inverters, which enable the mobile racking to start and stop gradually, ensuring any sudden and dangerous jolts can be avoided. 
The mobile bases can even be installed in premises with support pillars, as the bases can be cut in half to ensure that the columns do not impeded handling.

From 3,500 kg
to 12.000 kg The load-bearing weight for each wheel, depending on the model


1,000 t
Total maximum load 70 m
Maximum length of the mobile bases



The type of racking is determined by the type of goods to be stored.   
Pallet racks for stackable bins, coils or metal containers; cantilever racking for long materials, tubing or sheet metal. It can also be fitted with shelving for small parts and bulk material or whatever other material you may need to store. COMPATTA Cargo can be adapted to suit any type of racking, even that already being used in the warehouse. You can re-use racking you bought previously and convert fixed static racking into mobile systems. 
Each COMPATTA Cargo system consists of two fixed racking uprights, either single or dual access, and a variable number of racking units which are always dual access. 
The racking load levels are designed to suit the available height in the premises and the characteristics of the load units to be stored (size and load-bearing capacity). 

Safety measures
The structure

The Safety measures

Rethink space of your warehouse, safely.

Safety is the norm for COMPATTA Cargo. The safety measures and devices installed on the system keep both your operators and your stock safe at all times.  The system is equipped with a safety light curtain on each entrance to the warehouse, which controls both the entry and exit of every warehouse operator. If an obstacle is detected inside the access aisle, additional photoeletric cells, positioned along the mobile base, immediately halt movement.



Photoelectric sensors and cells
Flashing warning lights
Acoustic devices


The operator is, however, always required to give consent to any handling operation by pushing the appropriate button, located either on the main control panel or on the control panel on every mobile base. To complete the range of safety devices, flashing warning lights and sirens signal that the system is in movement. 

The managementcomputerized
Safety measures

The Computerized management

Precisely controlled handling, even remotely. 

Waiting times will be drastically reduced and efficiency improved significantly. Without even getting out of the forklift, your operators can open or close the relevant aisle from a distance using a remote control device. At the press of a button they can also operate optional extras such as Relax, Lux and Picking.   Furthermore, management and control of COMPATTA Cargo system are made possible thanks to ICON™, the multi device and multi- language web-based software, entirely designed and developed by ICAM. It runs across PCs, Tablets and Smartphones. ICON™ enables the management of the entire range of ICAM storage systems, providing greater flexibility, being interfaceable with the most popular WMS and ERP management software. Its intuitive graphical interface helps making storage and retrieval operations easier for the warehouse operators by indicating which storage location to retrieve goods from and suggesting the empty locations available.
ICON™ also provides an overview of the main data of your warehouse with real time information about possible errors of the system. In addition barcode readers and RFID allow the stock to be updated in real time simplifying warehouse operations. 


Optional extras
The managementcomputerized

The Optional extras

Operational functionality, efficiency guaranteed. 

Productivity, efficiency and sustainability, every sector has its own specific needs. COMPATTA Cargo is the perfect option for you. 



This option offers the possibility to programme the aisles to open at evenly spaced intervals from each other when the system is not being used. This aids the circulation of air in cold room environments and helps with the distribution of water in sprinkler systems in the case of fire. 



This system helps reduce energy consumption by automatically turning on the lights only in the relevant aisle.  



This system allows picking times to be reduced by opening and giving access to more than one aisle at a time.